My Story

As a passionate and detail-oriented Project Manager, I enjoy approaching complex problems with a focus on people not systems. A large part of my success while working on project teams stems from my ability to cultivate a deeper than details intuitive understanding of their needs, and lead the project from there. Have a look around at the work I’ve done over the years. If I sound right to lead your team or you just want to chat over a cup of coffee I'd be glad to meet with you.


Don't Take My word For it?

Here is what others have had to say.


Jeffrey Kuney

Direct Report

He is more than a project manager; our company saw positive results on day one. Landon is able to plan for the business as a whole, make strategic improvements to team structures, and connect to the workers on a personal level to address concerns. This is the perfect combination for improving efficiency. It was a pleasure to work with him, 10/10 would work with him again.


Joshua Cancienne

Direct Report

Landon is a great project manager. He always stays on top of requirements and objectives throughout the week and is able to quickly make adjustments to fit with the goals that were outlined. Working under Landon has been a privilege, as I always felt I was being guided by someone who always knew about project guidelines and client expectations. Where he didn't know something he needed, he dutifully does his research and will have an answer for you before the end of the day. He's approachable, honest, a hard worker, and a manager I respect and felt respected by.


Daniel Roberts

Sales & Marketing Manager

Landon is an incredible leader whose precision with language and deep devotion to his team was evidenced by his commitment to his tasks. On our projects together, I was continually impressed by Landon's preparedness, organization and his ability interpret intentions from developers, artists and clients. Landon is a rare and extremely valuable asset.